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Admission Events


Join us for Admissions Events, Hands-On Curriculum Experiences for Parents, and Curriculum Presentations.

We're delighted to offer a range of opportunities to visit Tower, and learn about our school's mission, academic program and extraordinary community of learners and families. To register for events that match your interests, access the registration form below, or within the Admissions Events & Descriptions table. If your timing does not align with our scheduled events, please contact us to begin a conversation, one-on-one.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your goals for your children's education. 

Warm regards,

Reagan Kenwell
Director of Admission

Mary Dailey
Director of Middle School Admission, Grades 5–8 
Director of Secondary School Counseling

P.S. Toddlers love Tower, too! See below for a link to our Tower Tots Workshops—each incorporates music, art, stories or movement—created to delight children aged 2–4. 

Events on Campus


Date & Time Event Description 



Performing Arts Center

Friday Feature: Music Curriculum Highlight—Marimbas!

Learning to play these percussive instruments is an energetic, joyful, full body and brain experience for students. 

Music teacher Jo Price invites parents to learn to play this instrument, and will discuss the reasons why she teaches this instrument, especially to middle-school students.

Marimbas are accessible—beginner students can learn to play a simple piece in one lesson; they're communal—students are motivated by the opportunity to play as part of an ensemble; they're joyful to play and a delight for audiences, providing positive reinforcement for students learning to play.

Register Today.

A note about our limited capacity for this event:
We have enough instruments for the first 24 adults who register in advance.


Tower's Phillips Library and school campus

Open House

Meet and hear from our academic administrators, participate in a parent and student panel, and join a parent- and student-led tour of our campus while classes are in-session.

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Schedule a One-on-One Conversation with Our Admissions Team. 

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing information about Tower. Please complete our brief inquiry form. 

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Month Past Events


September Event


Friday Feature: “Known & Needed”

A student who feels known is confident that what they bring to the class will be appreciated by teachers and classmates. Students who recognize that they are needed know that their contributions to the project, discussion and community matter. Feeling known and needed builds confidence and motivation and impacts student achievement.

tap here to view the recording.  

October Event

Friday Feature: Outdoor Learning Spaces & Science Curriculum

Meet Tower’s “Green Hornets,” a team of teachers with a passion for natural learning environments and sustainability. Hear about our intentional learning spaces across Tower’s 8-acre campus, including: wetlands, classroom in the woods, native pollinator gardens and our greenhouse.

request a conversation about our science curriculum.

November Event

Friday Feature: Secondary School Counseling & Preparation for High School

Meet Tower’s Director of Secondary School Counseling and learn how we prepare students for their transition to high school, including interview skills, student ownership of their journey, our relationship with Secondary Schools, and advocacy for students.

Mary Dailey's Presentation about Secondary School Counseling and Preparation for High School
Tap Here to View the Recording.

December Event

Friday Feature: Emerging Technologies: How Will AI, VR, and AR Change the Student Experience?

Emerging tech tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly capturing the public’s imagination. This event will feature a discussion about these tools and their potential uses in a variety of classroom settings.  After a brief conversation, there will be a technology playground where visitors will have the opportunity to:Play with robotsUse AI to redesign the Tower logoEncounter dinosaurs in augmented realityFind the ultimate parent math homework helperDesign, build, and explore a digital worldAs these new tech tools continue to emerge and evolve, Tower will maintain a position of thoughtful curiosity. The understanding of the educational benefits of AI, VR, and AR are still developing, but Tower strives to use them in the most effective and safest way possible.

request a conversation about our approach to technology.

January Event

2 Classes 

Parents in the Classroom: Middle School History Curriculum

Parents are invited to be a Middle School History Student! At 10:30, parents will join a 6th grade class session where they will debate the rebuilding of ancient ruins. At 11:30, parents will join an 8th grade class study of the history of political cartoons.

RSVPs are required. Parents may join one or both classes. Classes are limited to 10 parents.

Request a conversation about our middle school curriculum.

January Event

Friday Feature: Public Speaking

Public speaking is a hallmark of a Tower education. Hear how we nurture this important skill in all students, beginning in Pre-K.

Request a conversation about our curriculum.

This event will be rescheduled; date to be announced.

Friday Feature: Student Clubs and Service Learning

Clubs are great opportunities for students to pursue a new interest and forge new friendships in a multigrade setting. Recent favorites have included glee club, international cuisine, bike repair, and flag football. Middle School students choose from a range of Service Learning programs that provide opportunities to serve our local and global communities.

Request a conversation about our middle school curriculum.

March Event

Admissions Coffee & Conversation,
"Early Childhood Curriculum, Beginners–Grade 2"

Join us for a discussion about our early childhood curriculum with Head of School Todd Eveleth, and Director of Admissions Reagan Kenwell.

Admissions Coffees are a great opportunity to learn about a school and its mission for students in a small-group setting. 

Request a conversation about our early childhood curriculum.


March Event

Parents in the Classroom, Pre-K–2 Science, Art, P.E., Technology 
Participate in (4) 20-minute classes for a hands-on, academic experience that mirrors student learning in grades Pre-K–2. Be sure to dress for an active learning experience.

» P. E. Class with Coach Branton and Mrs. Pignato
Develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills during a heart-healthy P.E. class. Physical activity is essential for social-emotional wellbeing and physical health and impacts classroom learning throughout the day. 

» Technology with Mrs. Upton, Librarian Learn how to code Root Robots to successfully guide your robot through an obstacle course. Afterward,  learn how to code robots to flash lights, play music and draw. 

» Outdoor Learning with Ms. Eames, Science Teacher
Head into Tower’s woods with Ms. Eames to observe, investigate, and problem solve like a scientist! Use your metric measurement skills and observational drawing skills, and work cooperatively on a design project using natural materials.  

» Painting at an Easel with Ms. Wildrick Using tempera paints, combine line, color, shape, texture, and watch a giant flower bloom on your paper. How big a mark can you make? Is it easier to go BIG if you stand close up, or step back from the easel? How does the way you hold your brush affect what you can make? 

Request a conversation about our early childhood curriculum. 

March Event

Friday Feature: Social-Emotional Curriculum 

Join us for a discussion about Tower’s comprehensive, evidence-based Social-Emotional Curriculum and how we help children and teens build essential skills in:
• Social thinking—strategies that help people develop skills in flexible thinking, social problem solving, and building equitable relationships as part of a group
• Social pragmatics—an understanding that what we say, and how we say it impacts the meaning and our relationships with others. Students build awareness of others’ ideas and perspectives to build productive and healthy group dynamics.
• Building a unified vocabulary for identifying and managing mental health challenges—including anxiety, disappointment, focus, worry, self-control, and more
• Understanding that supporting mental health is part of normal human growth

The development of these essential skills strengthens social interactions, emotional responses, and academic growth.

Video: Social Emotional Curriculum Presentation

Tap Here to View the Recording.

Meet our Admissions Team.

Toddlers Love Tower, Too!

Our Parent and Toddler Workshops are teacher-led, interactive, fun and open to everyone! Each workshop has its own unique theme—incorporating music, art, stories or movement—selected to delight children aged 2–4. 

Visit our Tower Tots Events Page. 

I felt equipped with strong study skills, and confident in my ability to build meaningful relationships with teachers.

Halle Livermore ’15

Halle, on the skills she developed at Tower that helped her thrive at Groton.

Ask Us about the Following!

Facts: Pre-k–8 Spanish language instruction
Facts: 1 greenhouse classroom for all students
Facts: 4 school bus stops: Lynn, Nahant, Salem, Swampscott
Facts: All in! tiger mascot: 100% enthusiasm, all day
Facts: Turf athletic field is made of 100% recyclable and compostable materials
Facts: 2–3 art classes per week for all students
Facts: 6:1 students to teacher ratio
Facts: 2-3 music classes per week, per student
Facts: Tower faculty have an average of 21 years of experience, 2023
Facts: Tower had a 95% retention rate in 2023