Admission Events

We're delighted that you're exploring Tower for your child. We invite you to learn about our school's mission, our academic program and our extraordinary community of learners and families.

We invite you to browse our on-demand recordings of fall/winter events below; and we encourage you to schedule a conversation to discuss your goals for your child's education. 

We look forward to meeting you.

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The Admission Team at Tower
Reagan Kenwell and Mary Dailey

One-On-One Conversations with Our Admissions Team

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Discover Our Students' Experiences.

Hear from a Tower Lower School Student.

Something that is hard is math—but I really like math. In school, it's my favorite thing.


Hear from a Tower Middle School Student.

Recitation Day will take a lot of courage because we will be speaking in front of the whole school which will be a little nerve racking, but I'm very excited.


On-Demand Recordings of Recent Admission Events

To begin, click the tabs below to view recordings of our fall/winter events. We invite you to contact us for individual family conversations at any time.

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