Visual & Performing Arts

Music and the performing arts are vital elements of a Tower education. Every child learns to read music, and all students are given the opportunity to participate in theatrical performances—from the Pre-Kindergarten performance to the Middle School’s dramatic production. Our folk orchestra regularly showcases its talents at concerts, as do our handbell choir and African drummers.

Stepping inside Tower’s front door is like entering an art gallery each morning. Bright paintings line the corridors and stained-glass mosaics dangle in windows. Papier-mâché animals and model sailboats carved from wood dot the foyer. Tower students experience the creative process every term of every year, and identify themselves as artists and creative thinkers.

Visual Arts

Alberto Giacometti Sculptures in Grade 4Alberto Giacometti Sculptures, Grade 4

woodworking in Grade 5Model boat building in Woodworking, Grade 5

self-portraits in Grade 5Self-portraits in Studio Art, Grade 5