7th grade coding class

Upper School Program

The goal of the Upper School program is to prepare students to become capable and independent learners. We encourage students to become adept with tools and strategies—note taking, research, test preparation, effective study habits, and taking on an increased workload—that will enable them to thrive in secondary school.

The Upper School curriculum is designed to utilize students' knowledge and analytical abilities. In history, sixth graders engage in a lively debate on government during Roman times. The following year, in conjunction with their study of American history, seventh graders write an in-depth research paper on an event, theme, or person from that time. Eighth graders examine the topics of tolerance versus intolerance, prejudice, and coming-of-age through the novels The Red Pony, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Bread Givers. In Tower’s state-of-the-art science labs, students might study cell division using their own DNA or explore the laws of physics by building model roller coasters.

Upper School Advisory Program

Tower's Advisory Program is vital to the experience of each Upper School student. Advisors are members of the faculty and administration, and meet regularly with their student advisees in small advisory groups to reinforce and expand upon developmental skills taught in the classroom.

Skills such as self-advocacy, time management, decision making, self-awareness, and community involvement are key components of the program. Advisors also provide academic and social-emotional support for adolescents.

Advisors and students maintain close relationships throughout the upper school years.