Professional Development

Professional development opportunities create an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, enthusiasm and idea exchange. Tower School provides the financial resources to enable teachers and administrators to continually expand their knowledge and enrich the classroom experience for our students. 

Professional Development opportunities include conferences, workshops, webinars, speaker series' attendance and graduate study. Below are a few of the recent opportunities experienced by our teachers.

Mundo de Pepita

Expanded the Spanish Language Curriculum to include Kindergarten and Grade 1

Sig Orne

Travel and document the first 1000 miles of the Oregon Trail


Webb Thompson

Travel to Greece, Ancient Greek History Curriculum

Deacon Chapin

Individualized Math Instruction, Grades 7 and 8  

Reforest the Tropics

Colleen Parenteau investigated the curriculum of Reforest the Tropics and global sustainability.

Elaina Louisos Kramer

Elaina Louisos-Kramer, Learning Skills and Speech/Language Pathologist studied Social Communication Challenges 

Elaina Louisos Kramer

Elena Louisos-Kramer attended Landmark School's Institute on evidence-based, neuroscientific techniques used to assess reading disabilities.

Angela Powell and Christine McCarthy

Christine McCarthy and Angela Powell attended a math workshop that emphasized learning to communicate using precise mathematical terminology and syntax.