Grade 7

In seventh grade, emphasis is on developing skills such as: critical thinking and reading, study skills, independent learning, creative problem solving, and careful listening and speaking. Students develop time and materials management through maintaining organized binders, moving from classroom to classroom, balancing multiple homework assignments, taking timed tests, and working on long-term projects. In their interactions with faculty and their peers, students are expected to conduct themselves with honesty and respect. Seventh graders are encouraged to seek help and take ownership of their learning whenever possible.

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Grade 7 Curriculum

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Our [oldest] came to Tower in 7th grade. It was a smooth transition–not only was it welcoming as a parent, it was welcoming as a student. We found the academics engaging and challenging. The time Tower spends on study skills, self-advocacy skills and confidence has been remarkable for our son!

Justin and Andrea Dean, Parents of Justin '17, Matthew '19 and Victoria '25