Lower School Program

Tower’s Lower School engages our curious and motivated students as they continually discover and hone their academic and creative skills in a dynamic, fast paced and exciting learning environment.

Our program aims for children to develop personal levels of excellence and to their full potential. Centered on the homeroom, the Lower School program is enhanced by classes in physical education, art, music, woodworking, science, Spanish, and library science. Technology is authentically integrated across the grades and curriculum.

Tower teachers know curriculum, best practice, and children. They hold understanding and action as the goals of learning. Whether it’s mastering computation facts, participating in a collaborative science experiment, completing an independent reading project, or demonstrating solid procedural knowledge in a challenging multi-step math problem, Tower students are engaged in meaningful learning activities. Confident in their learning, our students are comfortable taking academic risks.

Social learning is an important aspect of the Lower School experience. Tower teachers understand the child’s broadening perception of the world. They support and build on the different ways children interact with others and their perceptions of those interactions at various stages in their developmental learning. Through age-appropriate processing of social situations and a strong home/school connection, Lower School students demonstrate traits of solid character.

Throughout the Lower School experience, we create a program and curriculum designed to inspire the natural excitement for learning. As they move through the grades, with foundation skills secured, there is an increased emphasis on problem solving and higher-level critical thinking skills.

From readiness activities to high-level challenges, teacher expertise, small class sizes and appropriate resources combine to allow Tower’s Lower School to provide a vibrant academic program in which our talented and motivated students are engaged, challenged, and supported in their learning. The program builds on itself sequentially to create a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

Visit Tower and you will see students working with extraordinary focus and enjoyment. Our teachers set high expectations and then help students to attain their own personal levels of excellence. By the end of the fifth grade, Tower students are confident in their academic and social skills and have a real sense of connection with the Tower community. They are prepared for the expectations of our Upper School.