Extended Day

Club T.E.D. Mornings

For families whose schedules benefit from an earlier start to the day, we offer a relaxing morning of reading and quiet conversation through our extended day program.

Club T.E.D. Mornings is available before school for students in all grades, Monday - Friday from 7:00 am - 7:40 am.

Club T.E.D. Afternoons

Our Club T.E.D. classrooms open again after dismissal with opportunities to participate in enrichment clubs, music lessons, tutoring, outdoor recess and time to complete homework assignments.

Enrichment clubs vary each trimester, but may include activities such as Chess, Robotics, Cooking, Fencing, Sewing, Cycling and Yoga. Individual and small group music lessons are available for a variety of instruments. Tutoring is offered in specific academic areas or as homework support, and can be tailored to suit individual students or small groups of students.

Club T.E.D. Afternoons is available after school for students in all grades, Monday - Thursday from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm, and Friday until 5:00 pm.

Good to Know:

In addition to providing a vibrant extended day program, we offer complimentary morning bus transportation with stops in Nahant, Lynn, Swampscott and Salem.

Club T.E.D. Details

Click below to learn more about Club T.E.D., including enrichment club offerings during the current trimester, and pricing.

More Information about Club T.E.D.