Curriculum Guide

Our philosophy, our commitment and our teachers are three foundational elements that influence every aspect of our rigorous academic curriculum and are what make a Tower education so distinctive.

Our philosophy:
We believe that the best opportunities to develop confident, well-rounded children occur in the years between Pre-K and 8th grade. Children should start their education at a place committed to the premise that academic excellence includes cultivating critical and creative thinking at a young age.

Our commitment: Community and character matter. Walk into our school and you can feel it, a genuine sense of welcoming and community. Tower students are happy children and teens whose core values derive from honesty and decency. Students show respect for themselves and others. These are values we have held and lived by for our entire 100-year history. Our parent community treasures the importance that we place on character, because their children demonstrate both confidence and decency. These are qualities that serve children well in a multi-cultural and ever-changing world.

Our teachers: Tower’s teachers champion the power and importance of elementary and middle school education. They provide a supportive environment where children are encouraged to take academic risks. Our teachers are experts at creating a delicate balance – a place where a positive process for learning stands alongside a curriculum that challenges each and every student. The result? Tower’s students feel confident in their knowledge and inspired to reach for extraordinary success.

To view our curriculum, select each grade, to the left. Our curriculum guide is just a glimpse into the program; we encourage you to visit Tower School, and invite you to contact our Admission office, to schedule a tour.