Head of School, Serena Wilkie Gifford with Kindergarten students

Hello and welcome.

We invite you to explore our website and learn about our unique academic approach and the close-knit school community that set Tower apart as an outstanding Pre-K–8 independent school for children on the North Shore. Tower students are eager to come to school every day and it is here that they develop confidence in themselves and a life-long love of learning.

Tower is a school that embraces childhood and the inherent joys that come with it. The teachers’ deep understanding of child development informs our multidisciplinary pedagogic approach. Here, we:

  • initiate opportunities to excel that engage and motivate children throughout the learning process, 

  • emphasize creativity and risk-taking, believing that children are at their best in an environment where both success and struggle are understood to be vital components of learning and growing, and

  • celebrate as children apply themselves in ways that reflect their individual interests and talents. 

At Tower, we establish a sense of belonging. Our school is well-known for its community-minded philosophy, both in our comprehensive support of children academically, socially and emotionally and in our collective efforts to have a meaningful impact beyond our campus. Tower families are known and needed and likewise, our students and faculty are inspired to know and meet the needs of others in a partnership of mutual respect and advocacy. 

We invite you to visit our Marblehead campus to experience Tower School in person. To schedule a visit, please contact our Director of Admission, Reagan Kenwell.

Warm regards,

Serena Wilkie Gifford
Head of School

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We teach our students to think critically and creatively, to develop joyful curiosity, to embrace challenge and apply their knowledge with confidence, and to thrive within a community rich with diverse perspectives and talents.

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