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Tim Delehaunty

It is with the deepest sadness that we share the news that our friend and Head of School, Tim Delehaunty, died unexpectedly on Wednesday, November 14. We are devastated by the loss of our dear colleague.

Tim Delehaunty joined Tower School in July of 2017; the impact of his 16 months of leadership on our school and community is immeasurable. Tim's quiet and steady ambition for our students—to prepare them for the dynamic challenges of the future while embracing the joy of childhood—informed his work on a daily basis. He laid the groundwork for Tower to accomplish that ambition. Together with our Board of Trustees, he formed a comprehensive strategic plan for Tower and re-directed the school with a defining mission statement. He led the school's evaluation of our curriculum and implemented expansive improvements. Tim was so proud to be leading Tower at such an exciting time for our school.

Most recently, Tim immersed himself in what he affectionately called The Backyard Project. Collaborating directly with families, board members and teachers, Tim's enthusiasm allowed us all to re-imagine how improved outdoor learning and play spaces could impact all areas of Tower's program––specifically, science, athletics, and physical education.

Perhaps most significantly, Tim emphasized the importance of community and instilling a sense of belonging for students and families. Tim's expression, known and needed, describes the impact that each one of us makes on our school; the individual voices and perspectives of our students, parents and teachers are valuable contributions to our community and to student achievement.

Tower is a stronger school and community because of Tim's leadership. We share his enthusiasm for Tower's present and future and will continue to advance our school's priorities and our ambition for our students. 

Tim Delehaunty

Tim Delehaunty,
Tower School's 9th Head of School

In April of 2019, our Board of Trustees announced Tower's 10th Head of School, Serena Wilkie Gifford. Ms. Gifford will join Tower in January 2020. 

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