We teach our students to think critically and creatively, to develop joyful curiosity, to embrace challenge and apply their knowledge with confidence, and to thrive within a community rich with diverse perspectives and talents.


We hire well. We attract teachers whose commitment to academic excellence and professional development promotes both critical and creative thinking.

We establish a sense of belonging. We nurture important, collaborative-learning relationships. Our students and parents are known; their voices and contributions are vital.

We initiate opportunities to excel. We provide opportunities for students to identify themselves as innovators, leaders, contributors, artists and athletes.

We engage and motivate students. Our hands-on curriculum reinforces classroom learning, elevates critical thinking ability and promotes academic achievement.

We embrace childhood. Our students excel within a curriculum that balances classroom achievement with intentional time for play, imagination and physical activity.

We inspire advocacy. We encourage students to advocate for themselves and others, to contribute their skills in support of causes about which they are passionate and to pursue sustainability in all aspects of their lives.

We emphasize creativity. We promote personal expression through vibrant visual arts, music, woodworking, performing arts and our immersive approach across the curriculum.

We prepare students for future success. Tower graduates are articulate, kind, confident, self-motivated learners who possess the skills for academic and personal achievement in secondary school and in life.

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The Tower Code

All members of the Tower community learn and work together under the Tower Code:

  1. Respect all people: teachers, students, staff, parents, visitors and others.
  2. Respect the rights of students to learn and teachers to teach.
  3. Be kind and helpful. Include others.
  4. Be honest with yourself and others.
  5. Respect school and personal property, and help keep Tower clean.

The Orange Chair

At Tower, we are committed to making decisions based upon the best interests of each child. A symbol of that commitment is The Orange Chair – an ordinary classroom chair painted a vivid orange to highlight the uniqueness of each child.

The chair, which sits in the Head of School’s office, serves as a reminder to teachers, administrators and parents that students are the focus and heart of our community and that the needs of each student are paramount.