Mission & Core Values


Tower School aims to spark a lifelong love of learning in our students by providing a stimulating education in a supportive environment. We encourage children to strive for personal levels of excellence and to develop fully across a broad range of academic, physical, creative and social endeavors. Tower seeks to nourish a spirit of inquiry, to impart an appropriate body of knowledge, to set high standards, to instill strong learning habits and to help students become secure in themselves while respecting the dignity of others.


The years from Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight are of primary importance in sparking a lifelong love of learning in children.

Skilled, passionate, innovative and creative teachers form the backbone of our vigorous educational program.

We educate children in a program that integrates the best of traditional and contemporary educational practices. We encourage each student to reach his or her full potential.

The arts and athletics contribute meaningfully to our students’ educational experience.

Decency, respect and a sense of joy in learning are hallmarks of Tower School. We promote qualities of good character, support a strong ethical foundation for life and seek to develop an appreciation of the responsibilities of and opportunities for leadership.

We encourage community service and a sense of public purpose. Cultural competency and environmental stewardship are essential skills. We prepare our students to be respectful and responsible citizens.

We encourage our students to view themselves as members of a global society. This requires that we seek to build a diverse, multicultural and cohesive school community.

As a small school with a strong sense of community, we take the time to understand, know and support our students.

We value cooperative, enthusiastic involvement and partnerships with faculty, families, alumni and trustees.

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The Tower Code

All members of the Tower community learn and work together under the Tower Code:

  1. Respect all people: teachers, students, staff, parents, visitors and others.
  2. Respect the rights of students to learn and teachers to teach.
  3. Be kind and helpful. Include others.
  4. Be honest with yourself and others.
  5. Respect school and personal property, and help keep Tower clean.

The Orange Chair

At Tower, we are committed to making decisions based upon the best interests of each child. A symbol of that commitment is The Orange Chair – an ordinary classroom chair painted a vivid orange to highlight the uniqueness of each child.

The chair, which sits in the Head of School’s office, serves as a reminder to teachers, administrators and parents that students are the focus and heart of our community and that the needs of each student are paramount.