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We are pleased to announce that Serena Wilkie Gifford will join Tower as our 10th Head of School in our school's 107 year history; she will join Tower in January 2020. Ms. Gifford will follow Tower's former Head of School, Tim Delehaunty, who passed away in November of 2018.

Until that time, Associate Head of School and CFO, Dean Sidell, will continue to lead Tower as Acting Head of School.

Acting Head of School

Director of Development

Development Associate

Head of Lower School


Head of Upper School

Director of Marketing & Communication

Director of Enrollment Management & Secondary School Placement

Director of Admission

Board of Trustees

Tower School is governed by an independent and self-sustaining Board of Trustees. The Board ensures that the school's mission is relevant and vital to the Tower community, and it monitors the success of the school in fulfilling its mission.

The Board seeks members who represent the diversity of the school community and who contribute a particular expertise that will serve the school. Board members are distinguished by their commitment to Tower and their care for the mission of the school.

Membership is determined by vote of the board according to the school's by-laws. Board members serve three-year terms.


Leila Blodgett, Chair
C. Taylor Milner, Vice-Chair
Jeffrey Carter, Treasurer
Eric Gyllenborg, Clerk



Beth Peabody, TSPA Representative


Dean Sidell, Acting Head of School 


Kate Bracken, ’92
Matthew Carter
Paige Hamilton
Paige Hintlian
Sofia Jarrin-Thomas
Andy Jones
Allison Juves
Marianne Kane
Alethea McCormick, PhD
Angela Munro
Timothy G. Murnane ’81
Bradford P. Robie ’88
Jennifer Thornton
Matthew Velluto
Dorothy Zur Muhlen

Board of Trustee Bios