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    My four years at Tower started my love for learning and being a student. Tower gave me the foundation I needed for high school and later for college. The teachers at Tower pushed me to be responsible and hardworking, but also offered as much help as I needed when I was struggling. However, the best part of Tower for me is the tight-knit Tower community. I will forever be thankful to Tower for introducing me to some of my closest and best friends. Ali McEachern,’10, Boston University Class of ’18 and Student Manager of Men’s Ice Hockey
    Ali McEachern '10
    Tower was, and remains, a special place for us and so many others. Our time spent there has left an indelible mark in our hearts. We see many fine qualities in our children that were honored, nurtured, encouraged and set free at Tower. I'll always remember having a conversation with a teacher about how she would help "harness the energy, without crushing the spirit" of our then young kindergarten son, providing him with a special tool to add to his lifelong toolkit. We have a keen understanding of the role Tower School played in lending guidance to our children during their first ten years of school. It certainly has made a difference. Deb and Scott Beatty, Parents of Grace ’13 and Tucker ’12
    Scott Beatty, Parent of Alums
    'Love of Learning' was expressed in Tower's literature, but it wasn’t until we observed several classes that we understood how Tower's teachers make this happen! The enthusiasm, excitement and interest on the students' faces; the creative teaching methods; the connection between students and their teachers – all combined to make the Tower decision, for our daughter, an easy one. Andrea and Don Souter, parents of Anna ’17
    Our son came to Tower in 7th grade. It was a smooth transition–not only was it welcoming as a parent, it was welcoming as a student. We found the academics engaging and challenging. The time Tower spends on study skills, self-advocacy skills and confidence has been remarkable for our son! Justin and Andrea Dean, parents of Justin ’17 and Matthew ’19
    Tower played a significant role in my early education. My teachers were extremely dedicated to the pursuit of learning, and instilled in me an insatiable appetite for knowledge, the ability to reason, and the responsibility to apply my education to good citizenship. The friendships I formed with classmates are among my closest friendships today. Tower fosters individual growth, by encouraging each student to share and celebrate their strengths, and to learn from others on how to improve on certain weaknesses. I wanted my daughter to receive the same foundation for her education, in Tower's warm, supportive community that will instill in her a lifelong love for learning. Daphne Ramos,’88 and current parent ’24