An independent day school located in Marblehead, serving pre-k through grade 8

Tower’s Orange Chair

The orange chair serves as a reminder to teachers, administrators and parents that students are the focus and heart of our community.

The chair represents possibilities.

The playful, brightness of the chair – reminds us of how precious childhood is, and how each child should be encouraged for as long as possible in the innocent belief that they can do anything.

The chair represents respect.

The unexpected, vivid color of the chair doesn’t alter the fact that it is a chair. It challenges us to look beyond the surface and discover inherent purpose and value – it reminds us of our duty to raise children who see people as people, not as the labels ascribed to them . 

The chair represents optimism.

Optimism is a choice you can make, not a state of being. Being an optimist is about choosing to look at things through a positive lens. Many adults have lost the ability to view the world as rosy, but children are naturally optimistic. The bright sunny color of the chair spurs us to encourage children to embrace the positive, to expect the best in people.

The chair represents courage.

As we all get older, we experience things that may teach us to be afraid – loss, rejection, and failure. Children, though, have yet to experience so much of this, and that gives us an opportunity to re-frame struggle. The confident, daring color of the chair demands us to foster in our children the courage to take smart risks, to embrace effort in the face of adversity, to be entrepreneurial and view problems as challenges to solve not obstacles to avoid.

  • 75 West Shore Drive
  • Marblehead, MA 01945
  • Phone: 781.631.5800
  • Fax: 781.631.2292

Tower students are articulate, self-motivated, confident learners who engage in their academic success, develop strong leadership skills, and create opportunities to contribute meaningfully in their communities and the world.




Tower’s teachers champion the value of excellence in elementary education. They’re accomplished at creating a delicate balance – in which a positive process for learning stands alongside a curriculum designed to challenge each and every student. The result? Tower’s students are engaged, confident learners, eager to reach for extraordinary academic success.




Experience the atmosphere and excitement of a busy school day at Tower. Tour our campus, visit classrooms and meet our teachers. Contact Reagan Kenwell, our Director of Admission, at




We challenge students to attain personal levels of achievement—on the field and off.

Through Tower’s Athletic Program, students experience the intrinsic benefits of physical activity; the correlation between hard work and personal improvement; and the value of good sportsmanship. Participation is expected of all students. Improved skills for each player are a priority.




Tower's innovative program and modern facility depend upon contributions from our community members.




Join us for an awesome Summer at Tower! Gain coding skills in our technology lab, create work in our art studios  that reflects your personal style, build and command your own robot, sharpen your filmmaking and editing skills, improve your basketball game, gain an appreciation for the outdoors, learn to swim...and make lasting friendships at Summer at Tower!




Welcome to My Tower.

We've included information most often referenced by Tower community members. Here, you’ll gain quick access to Veracross, download forms and permission slips, and discover ways to participate in our vibrant community through the TSPA.



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