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Learning Skills Center

The Learning Skills Center plays an integral role in Tower's mission to empower a diverse range of learners to reach their academic and personal goals. Influenced by the work of prominent educational researchers such as Mel Levine and Howard Gardner, and the philosophy that all students learn differently, the Learning Skills Center exists to identify and support the unique strengths and needs of all Tower students. In addition to providing academic support classes and case management for students with diagnosed learning issues, the Learning Skills Center provides consultation for any student experiencing academic difficulty, and provides ongoing support to Tower faculty and parents.

The Learning Skills Center staff includes a full-time Director, three full-time Learning Specialists with expertise in literacy and mathematics instruction, and one part-time Reading Specialist. Our staff is committed to using the most effective research based strategies and provide access to assistive technology. The Learning Skills Center’s success demonstrates how a personalized approach to teaching and an appreciation of the different ways people learn helps all students learn more effectively.

Academic Services

The Learning Skills Center serves all of Tower School's students by providing the following services:

  • Reading support, study skills and learning strategy instruction (limited to students with greatest need; contingent upon staff availability)
  • Collaboration with teachers to secure "reasonable accommodations"
  • Referrals for diagnostic testing and accommodations on standardized tests (in collaboration with appropriate teachers/administrator)
  • Extended time and an alternative exam environment (upon teacher recommendation)
  • Seventh-grade study skills course
  • Pre-reading programs in Kindergarten and Pre-K (Fundations © Wilson Language Training)
  • 1st-grade reading instruction
  • 2nd-grade reading instruction
  • 7th– and 8th–grade math
  • In-class teacher support (as needed)

Students with diagnosed learning issues are eligible to receive:

  • Case management
  • Resource support classes (Reading groups, study skills, etc.)
  • Individualized instruction with a staff specialist
  • Access to assistive technology including basic keyboarding instruction and educational software, to support learning goals
  • Additional reasonable accommodations and modifications as identified in neuropsychological testing
  • Individual learning profiles describing strengths, weaknesses, mandatory accommodations, and other relevant information
  • Regular meetings, in addition to bi-annual conferences, to update documentation and revise learning goals
  • Systematic review of educational/psychological testing

Faculty Resource

The Learning Skills Center serves Tower's faculty by serving as a resource for developing awareness of how best to serve the diversity of minds that exist within our community. Services include:

  • Effective teaching strategies to create new pathways for learning, including multi-sensory, kinesthetic, and experiential methods
  • Ways to use assistive technology to increase student independence and success
  • Teaching organizational skills and learning strategies across the curriculum (as requested by teachers)
  • Assessments: ERB testing evaluations, SSAT administration
  • Resource library, including books, videos, periodicals, and professional development materials
  • On-going communication regarding students’ learning styles and needs

Parent Resource

The Learning Skills Center serves Tower's parents/guardians by providing resources and information including:

  • Workshops designed to improve parents'/guardians' understanding of child and adolescent learning and development, as well as demystification of learning differences
  • Continuous communication to promote collaboration between parents/guardians and teachers
  • Resource library, including books, videos, and periodicals to inform parents/guardians about learning differences and tools to support learning


  • 75 West Shore Drive
  • Marblehead, MA 01945
  • Phone: 781.631.5800
  • Fax: 781.631.2292

Tower students are articulate, self-motivated, confident learners who engage in their academic success, develop strong leadership skills, and create opportunities to contribute meaningfully in their communities and the world.



Tower’s teachers champion the value of excellence in elementary education. They’re accomplished at creating a delicate balance – in which a positive process for learning stands alongside a curriculum designed to challenge each and every student. The result? Tower’s students are engaged, confident learners, eager to reach for extraordinary academic success.



BRING A FRIEND DAY  |  FEB 24  |  7:40 AM-3:00 PM
This admission event is open to Tower students in grades 1 through 7, and their same-grade friends. Tower parents should contact Reagan Kenwell to reserve a seat.

Theme-based, monthly parent and toddler workshops that focus on music, art, movement and FUN! These workshops fill quickly. Contact our Admission office to pre-register. 



We challenge students to attain personal levels of achievement—on the field and off.

Through Tower’s Athletic Program, students experience the intrinsic benefits of physical activity; the correlation between hard work and personal improvement; and the value of good sportsmanship. Participation is expected of all students. Improved skills for each player are a priority.



Tower's innovative program and modern facility depend upon contributions from our community members.



Join us for an awesome Summer at Tower! Gain coding skills in our technology lab, create work in our art studios  that reflects your personal style, build and command your own robot, sharpen your filmmaking and editing skills, improve your basketball game, gain an appreciation for the outdoors, learn to swim...and make lasting friendships at Summer at Tower!



Welcome to My Tower.

We've included information most often referenced by Tower community members. Here, you’ll gain quick access to Veracross, download forms and permission slips, and discover ways to participate in our vibrant community through the TSPA.



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