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Welcome to Tower’s Head of School Search Committee page. Here, you’ll find information about: our search consultant, Carney Sandoe & Associates; the Head of School Position Statement; and the search process.

The Carney Sandoe process was thorough in its approach and national in its scope. As a result, we received interest from an impressive group of candidates whose philosphy and expertise suggested a good fit for Tower. We refined the list of semi-finalists and invited the finalists to our campus, where they met with members of Tower's community.

Below, you will find copies of the communications related to the search, as well as a bio for our ninth Head of School, Tim Delehaunty. 

We look forward with excitement to Tim Delehaunty's arrival on campus, July 1, 2017


Leila Blodgett
Chair, Head of School Search Committee

Search Committee Communication

Tim Delehaunty, Tower's Ninth Head of School

Tim Delehaunty has led the Upper School at New Canaan Country School in New Canaan, Conn. since 2008. He has partnered with faculty and the community to create the vision for the Upper School (grades 7-9), with a particular focus on the ninth grade program which has nearly doubled in size since his arrival. In addition to serving on the finance and advancement committees of the Board of Trustees, he has led initiatives to build on the innovative, inclusive and rigorous teaching and learning in the division and to attract a diverse faculty to the Upper School. He completed the National Association of Independent School’s Aspiring Heads program in 2015.

Previous to that, he was Director of Studies at Lawrence Academy in Groton, Mass. At Lawrence, he lived in dormitories, chaired the English department, taught tenth graders and coached cross-country and basketball. Tim has also worked at Springside Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia, Penn., where for seven years he taught sixth and eighth graders, and he began his career at Rectory School in Pomfret, Conn. where he taught, coached, and lived among middle school-aged students from around the world.

Tim grew up in central Massachusetts and attended Worcester Academy, where he currently serves on the Board of Visitors. He then went to College of the Holy Cross. After a year in the Navy ROTC program -- during which he experienced claustrophobia while on a ship in the Pacific Ocean -- he put his efforts into distance running, captaining the cross-country team. He earned his B.A. in history in 1990 via Holy Cross’s History Honors Program. He later received an M.A. in English from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English, developing his skills as a writer and writing teacher.

Tim has published several pieces of short fiction. He has turned recently to writing about grit and resilience with pieces that have appeared in The Parents League Review and the letters section of The New York Times. The most fun he has had as a writer is reporting on mid-major college basketball in essays about attending games with his son, Ian.

He has not accomplished anything alone. Tim and his wife Theresa met while working at Wolfeboro Camp School in Wolfeboro, NH. They married in 1995. Theresa’s background features social work, family therapy and ADHD/Executive Functions coaching. Their two children Shea (twelfth grade) and Ian (ninth) have grown up on school campuses – and loved every minute of it, from what they have reported to their parents. Tim and his family enjoy traveling, especially to the canyons and mesas of western Colorado and the beaches of North Carolina where the body surfing is not too cold.

Announcing Tower's Ninth Head of School

Dear Tower Community,

It is with tremendous enthusiasm that the Board of Trustees announces Tower School's ninth Head of School: Tim Delehaunty.

Throughout the five-month, nationwide search, Carney Sandoe screened hundreds of potential candidates and presented Tower's Search Committee with fourteen candidates whose leadership skills, experience and attributes aligned with our position statement. Of those candidates, we selected eight to interview extensively; resulting in our group of finalists. Each finalist was thoroughly vetted through faculty interviews, staff meetings, parent surveys, roundtable discussions, reference checks—including your invaluable participation in reaching out to family and friends with students in their current schools.

Across our community, the positive feedback for Tim Delehaunty was overwhelming. Consistent themes included: excellent understanding of program and curriculum, clear visionary, commanding presence, articulate, organized and intentional, intelligent, and level headed. Tim's references affirmed our Community's response as well as our belief that Tim would support faculty and students while enhancing the academic rigor on which Tower prides itself.

The Search Committee unanimously agreed, through a blind-vote process, that Tim Delehaunty's combination of outstanding resume, reputation, and integrity made him the compelling choice to lead Tower School at this important time in our history. In response to our offer, Tim responded, "My family enjoyed experiencing a community—parents, faculty, students—which is so clearly ALL IN for Tower. We're excited to join!"

On behalf of the Head of School Search Committee, I extend our heartfelt appreciation for your participation. Your extensive feedback provided valuable perspectives on the type of leader that Tower needs to thrive and grow.

Over the coming months we will work diligently on the transition to new leadership. We look forward to continued communication with all of you as we proceed.

We are excited to welcome Tim, Theresa and their children, Shea (17) and Ian (15), to our school and community. As Tim would say, we look forward to a long relationship of being "known and needed."

Best wishes for the holidays.

Leila Blodgett
Chair, Head of School Search Committee


Head of School Position Statement | September 2016

The Position 
Founded in 1912, the Tower School has a long, rich history of offering its students an academically excellent education that includes attention to the needs of the whole child, mind, body, and soul. Tower School’s Code of Kindness pervades the School, creating a caring community in which teachers provide rich learning experiences that challenge and engage students, so students are eager to come to school each day.

This distinguished coeducational day school seeks a Head of School to build on Tower School’s strengths while leading it to a bright future. The new Head is positioned to continue the School’s history of excellence and propel it to new levels of success. The ideal candidate will match his/her knowledge of educational practices with the traditions of Tower in order to work collaboratively and effectively in achieving the goals of the School. The community seeks a leader who will reflect the values upheld at Tower while strategically guiding the school community to build upon its many strengths.

Tower School aims to spark a lifelong love of learning in our students by providing a stimulating education in a supportive environment. We encourage children to strive for personal levels of excellence and to develop fully across a broad range of academic, physical, creative, and social endeavors. Tower seeks to nourish a spirit of inquiry, to impart an appropriate body of knowledge, to set high standards, to instill strong learning habits, and to help students become secure in themselves while respecting the dignity of others.

School History
In 1912, in Salem, Massachusetts, Adeline Tower dreamt of a school that went beyond just academics, but rather was committed to educating the whole child. Thus, Tower School was founded. It began as a co-ed day school with a kindergarten class of only four students. The School moved to its current location in 1941, and with the strong leadership of many visionaries, Tower School grew in size and stature. New buildings were added to campus, enrollment was expanded, and academic programs were introduced. While almost no aspect of Tower has gone untouched, its core values remain unchanged. Today, the School continues to resoundingly fulfill its mission of educating the whole child.

The School
Tower School is an independent, co-educational day school for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. From its small beginnings as a kindergarten to its current standing as an exceptional institution now serving approximately 245 students, Tower has upheld its mission to educate the whole child. Students are nurtured to develop academically, physically, emotionally, socially, and creatively. The School takes an approach of fostering personal and academic success that is not solely measured by success on standardized tests. Students at Tower are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves through intention and effort. At morning meetings, assemblies, and in their daily interactions, they focus on making themselves better people, strong in character and confidence.

Above all else, Tower School works hard to provide a stimulating child-centered environment. Enrollment is intentionally kept under 300 students so each child is given a personalized experience that fully allows his or her talents and gifts to be explored and nurtured. The School strives to develop lifelong learners, because these are the types of people who will ask questions and solve problems. Tower accomplishes this by making learning enjoyable, joyful, and engaging so that even when the period of formal school learning ends, students continue to seek out answers and build upon the foundation Tower School has provided.

The academic community at Tower School is committed to excellence. With an extraordinarily talented and hard-working faculty at the helm, the program is both challenging and supportive. Class sizes are intentionally small, and teachers can work with students on an individual level, providing encouragement and direction. Tower recognizes that each student’s educational journey is unique. The faculty is poised to assist students in finding the path that best helps them achieve their greatest academic potential.

Teachers are dedicated to providing a warm and accepting learning environment that is still rigorous and engaging. Classes are highly interactive and students are challenged to reach their full potential by learning how to think critically and problem solve, as well as how to become effective leaders and communicators. These are all skills that are needed to be a highly successful 21st-century learner. Tower offers a Learning Skills Center to empower a diverse range of learners to reach their academic and personal goals. Teachers take a project-based learning approach to the curriculum, which allows students to gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic and complex question. The I.D.E.A. Lab is a dedicated space for project-based learning, where students have access to 3-D printers, software, and other hands-on tools needed for creation. Across all grades, curiosity is nurtured by the faculty who infuse joy and excitement into every subject. As a result, Tower students are confident learners who are eager to strive for academic success and who love to learn.

Secondary School Placement
Students who attend Tower School receive the highest-caliber of preparation for high school, and are accepted to some of the top secondary schools, including: -Brooks School -Buckingham, Browne, & Nichols -Deerfield Academy -Fessenden School -Governor’s Academy -Groton School -Holderness -Loomis Chaffee School -Middlesex -Milton Academy -Phillips Academy -Pingree School -St. Georges School -St. John’s Preparatory School -St. Paul’s School -Tabor Academy

Colleges and Universities
With a foundation laid from their education at Tower School, alumni have enrolled in the following colleges and universities: -Boston College -Boston University -Colby College -Dartmouth College -Duke University -George Washington University -Georgetown -Harvard University -Massachusetts Institute of Technology -Middlebury College -Purdue University -Stanford University -Syracuse University -Trinity College -Tufts -University of Massachusetts - University of Vermont -Wesleyan University -Yale University

Lower School
Learning begins in the Lower School, which serves students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Teachers understand that childhood is a journey and work to embrace this pivotal time in a child’s life, while also providing a foundation of skills in a dynamic learning environment. The Lower School faculty takes an inquiry-based approach to teaching. Students are engaged and excited about learning and come to understand the meaning embedded in their classroom experiences.

The curriculum fosters curiosity while at the same time develops skills needed for the challenges of Upper School and beyond. Core classes are augmented with opportunities for art and music, physical education, science, Spanish, coding, and library. Technology is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum, and students are taught how to use these tools effectively and responsibly. The academic program encourages children to explore, think critically, use creativity, and strive to continue their learning. At the end of Lower School, students are working with extraordinary dedication and focus and are ready for the rigors of Upper School.

Social learning is an important part of a Lower School education as well. During these formative years, Tower strives to provide an environment that allows students to develop their sense of self and their relationship with the world around them. The faculty work to nurture and inspire students along this developmental journey and serve as models of exemplary character. 

Upper School
Upper School sets the stage for students in six through eight grades to become thoughtful and independent learners. Skills such as note taking, research, and proper study habits are honed in order to not only aid the student’s success in Upper School, but to better prepare them for success in secondary school. Throughout all aspects of Upper School, students are encouraged to strive to reach their fullest potential.

Built upon the foundation for learning set in Lower School, the Upper School curriculum is designed to further challenge students to explore subjects in a deeper manner by drawing on their experiences in order to ask questions and make connections. Classes are highly interactive and fast-paced, yet the learning environment is safe and supportive to allow for inquiry and exploration. At this age, it is important that students are comfortable making mistakes and taking calculated risks.

The Advisor Program in Upper School is a central part of ensuring each student receives the support and guidance necessary to be a successful learner. Each student is paired with an advisor, a member of the Upper School faculty, who serves as a mentor and resource for that student. Advisors offer assistance with maintaining good study habits and balancing the growing workload of Upper School while also acting as a confidant and friend. Students value the relationships they have with their advisors, knowing there is always someone at Tower School who is looking out for them.

The Arts and Athletics
Tower School recognizes the importance of integrating arts into the daily curriculum. Allowing students the freedom to express themselves and explore their imaginations is part of a well-rounded education. The visual and performing arts don’t simply augment the curriculum; they are a central part of a Tower School education. Students have opportunities to explore their creative gifts in a number of ways at every age. Every student learns to read music and has the chance to perform in theatrical productions while learning to appreciate the talents of others. In Upper School, the arts curriculum moves from traditional art programs to deeper levels of artistic exploration and creation. Students spend more time on a few areas of interest in order to gain a fuller grasp of a subject and become confident in their abilities as artists.

The integration of physical education and athletics into a Tower School education reinforces the School’s goal of educating the whole child. Students gain the benefits of physical activity while also developing crucial skills such as leadership and teamwork as well as learning the importance of dedication. Younger students enjoy strengthening fine motor skills and learning the basics of specific sports. Starting in sixth grade, students have the opportunity to play on competitive teams.

Student Life 
Life outside the academic classroom is just as vibrant as it is inside of it at Tower School. The community is close-knit and tied together by threads of respect, kindness, and honesty. Those who call Tower School home live by the Tower Code:
• Respect all people: teachers, students, staff, parents, visitors, and others.
• Respect the rights of students to learn and teachers to teach.
• Be kind and helpful. Include others.
• Be honest with yourself and others.
• Respect school and personal property, and help keep Tower clean.

Division assemblies as well as an all-school assembly are held weekly and give students time to gather informally as a community outside the classroom. While Upper School uses the assemblies for general announcements, Lower School students take turns sharing reflections and work from their classrooms. The assemblies foster a sense of belonging and allow the community--parents, teachers, and students alike--to voice their opinions and have thoughtful discussions.

Cross-divisional interactions are a hallmark of the community. “Buddy classes” give younger children time to spend with older students, contributing greatly to the sense of family that envelopes the School.

Students grow in leadership and respect, build character, and gain new perspectives about themselves and their world around them through community service opportunities. Tower encourages participation in service and provides resources and opportunities for students of all ages to participate, whether as part of a service learning aspect of a class or in an extra-curricular capacity. Regardless of the setting, students gain invaluable lessons and experiences which contribute to their overall development as responsible and caring citizens.

Physical Campus
Tower School students and faculty enjoy a 65,000 square-foot facility that has recently seen a number of renovations and additions, including the I.D.E.A. Lab in 2015, a library renovation in 2012, and the addition of the Upper School building and science and performing arts centers in 2007. The campus also contains seven houses, including a new Head of School house that was added in 2015.

Marblehead, Massachusetts
Located in Essex County in northeastern Massachusetts, Marblehead is a picturesque coastal town rooted in fishing and yachting. It is famous for being the birthplace of the American Navy, and was once a major east coast shipyard. Today, it is a popular center for recreational boating, sailing, and kayaking.

Named Marblehead by settlers who mistook its granite ledges for marble, Marblehead’s first European settlers came to the area in 1629. The town began as a fishing village, exporting mostly cod to the nearby city of Salem. During the time of the Revolutionary War, the residents and sailors of Marblehead are credited as predecessors of the U.S. Navy and were instrumental in helping the colonies’ efforts in the War. George Washington acknowledged the sailors’ bravery during his presidential tour of the town in 1789.

Fishing continued as a major industry in Marblehead until a massive storm destroyed 11 vessels and took 65 lives in 1846 and the industry began to decline. Since then, the town has become a hub for yachting, and many boat owners and several prominent yacht clubs now call Marblehead home.

Today, the town is home to nearly 20,000 individuals enjoying a life along the Atlantic coast. The harbor provides countless opportunities to enjoy the water, and beaches and parks are popular weekend destinations for residents and tourists alike. The Abbot Hall Maritime Museum and Marblehead Lighthouse are great spots to learn more about the town’s rich history, and scenic Fort Sewall and Castle Rock treat visitors to incredible views of the coast.

While Tower’s location is just 40 minutes from Boston, the New England mountains with wonderful winter and summer activities, are only several hours away. Cape Cod and the Islands are also easily reached from Marblehead.

Opportunities and Challenges
The new Head of School will face many important opportunities as he or she assumes leadership of the school. Opportunities include:

•  Maintaining Academic Excellence: Tower is proud that its forward-looking approach to education is balanced with its many cherished traditions, and its challenging academic program is enhanced by a caring community in which students feel safe to take risks and explore new ideas and approaches. The Head of Tower, aided by the senior administration and in partnership with the faculty, will provide the vision and leadership necessary to ensure that the School will honor its rich traditions while offering a program that fully reflects current best practices and prepares its graduates to succeed at the academically demanding high schools that enroll Tower graduates. The Board seeks a Head who will work with the faculty to critically review new programmatic initiatives and who will develop thorough plans for implementing these initiatives and communicating their significance to the School community.

•  Providing Visible Leadership and Clear Communications: The Tower community places a high value on the Head as a visible symbol who embodies the values of the School. The School’s strong sense of community requires that the next Head be highly visible and establish strong relationships with all constituencies of the School. The next Head of School will need to maintain clear communications with faculty and staff, parents, and alumni, thus ensuring a sense of community and a common purpose.

•  Continuing to Build Enrollment: Faced with declining number of school-age children on the North Shore, the School has focused on maintaining enrollment. Over 70% of the students offered admission enroll; a remarkable conversion rate. The next Head of School will work with Directors of Admissions and Marketing and Communications to expand the pool of inquiries and applications by strategically targeting prospective families and by effectively communicating the School’s benefits.

•  Board Collaboration and Strategic Planning: The Board of Trustees is a healthy, self-perpetuating, governing board that clearly understands its role as fiduciary and strategic guide. The next Head will have the opportunity to grow and work with an extraordinarily committed group of trustees who entrust the daily operations of the School fully to the Head.

•  Mobilize Community Support: Tower is both highly successful and aspirational. In order for the School to achieve all of its goals, the Head will need to mobilize and effectively manage the collective rapport, respect, and commitment of the administration, faculty, staff, and parents. At the same time, the size of the School will mean that moments will inevitably arise when the Head must be hands-on.

Qualifications and Qualities of the Next Head of School The Tower Board of Trustees and the School community are interested in all candidates who possess the proven leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to help guide Tower confidently into the future. The most promising candidates will be able to demonstrate most, if not all, of the following:
•  Willingness to join the Tower School community as an active and visible presence in the life of the School and the larger North Shore community. 
•  A deep understanding of important trends in education and the ability to combine that understanding with an appreciation for Tower values and traditions in order to articulate a compelling vision for the School’s future. 
•  Ability to think and act strategically to support and enhance the School’s program, finances, and enrollment. 
• A consultative and collaborative leadership style that effectively utilizes the commitment, energy, and wisdom of the faculty, administration, Board, and the current and former parents of Tower students – yet is able to be decisive when needed.
• Ability to serve as an effective and articulate spokesperson for the School, thereby uniting the School’s current constituencies and exciting prospective families.
• An understanding of an effective external affairs program, which includes admissions, fundraising, secondary school placement, and broader community involvement. The successful candidate must be comfortable asking for financial support and have a commitment to sustaining a culture of philanthropy. 

In addition, the favored candidate is an approachable, outgoing, energetic, confident person of keen intellect and strong emotional intelligence. S/he will exhibit fine personal values, courage, and deep integrity and will enjoy developing and guiding the Tower community. The School will be best matched by a leader with heart—someone with a down-to-earth, hands-on style and a sense of humor. The School’s intimate atmosphere requires someone who connects easily with parents, teachers, staff, and students and whose vision and energy unite the community.

Head of School Search Consultant Survey Summary | October 2016

Dear Tower Community,

Thank you to everyone who completed the Head of School search survey. We received 112 responses. Your involvement in this step of the search process is helping to guide the committee and Carney Sandoe as we select Tower's next Head of School.

Your survey responses confirmed what the committee knows first hand, and what Carney Sandoe experienced in each of their visits, regarding Tower's culture and what you value most:

·       the warm, nurturing environment our children experience every day
·       a talented and committed teaching staff
·       a challenging academic environment

The survey also helped clarify and refine the priorities, experiences, and ideal qualities you want to see in Tower's next Head of School.

Your responses also pointed to a number of challenges that Tower and its next Head of School will face. Challenges related to enrollment, communication, trust and transparency. The search committee and the Board are working to keep everyone informed of the process and goals for this year, and we understand that this needs to be an ongoing effort as we move forward with our new Head of School.

The survey results will be used to finalize the search document for prospective candidates which, when complete, will be posted on Tower's website. This document provides an in-depth profile of our school and describes the opportunities and challenges facing our next Head. Our consultants are excited about the rich pipeline of candidates for Tower. We will be working closely with them to review resumes and screen candidates.  Semi-finalist candidates will meet with the search committee in November and we will present the finalist candidates to the community in early December. Our hope is that the Board will be able to announce our new Head of School in mid-December.

Below is a reminder of our Head of School Search Timeline.

We continue to welcome your feedback and value your input as we move forward in this process. Thank you again for your time, interest in, and care of our school.


Leila Blodgett
Chair, Head of School Search Committee

Survey sent to Tower community
Tower Search Document completed and sent to candidates
Survey results completed
Search Committee receives candidate materials and identifies semifinalist candidates
Semifinalist interviews
Finalists on campus
Finalists on campus 
Finalists on campus
HOS selected

Head of School Search Consultant Survey | September 2016

Dear Tower Community,

Tower's Head of School search consultants visited our campus last week, and met with a wide range of community members-faculty, administration, staff, parents, alumni parents, alumni, and our kids. There were many good discussions and we appreciate everyone's willingness to express their concerns, perspectives and optimism. The consultants conveyed that they received notably consistent messages from our community and believe that Tower represents an extraordinary opportunity for each of the HOS candidates.

A survey is now available for all community members who were unable to meet with the consultants or had additional thoughts after their meeting. Your responses will be confidential and go directly to Carney Sandoe. The results of the anonymous survey will be used to further solidify what the community values about Tower, as well as the priorities for, and important qualities of our next Head of School. 

The survey will remain open until Thursday, September 29, 2016.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me, should you have any further thoughts or questions.  I have spoken with many of you and appreciate your time and your insight.


Leila Blodgett
Chair, Head of School Search Committee


Opportunity to Meet with Head of School Search Consultants | September 2016

Dear Tower Community, 

Bob Fricker and Sherry Coleman, Tower School’s head of school search consultants from Carney Sandoe, will be visiting Tower on September 12 and 13 to meet with parents, faculty, alumni, parents of alumni, and grandparents. These meetings are critically important to the search process, as they will provide the consultants with an in-depth understanding of what makes Tower such a special place and why this position is a unique and wonderful opportunity. 

Interested parents are invited to participate in this phase of the search process by sharing their insight into our school and thoughts on ideal qualities of Tower’s next Head of School. We hope that you will be able to attend one of the two following Parent Forums next week: 
1. Monday, September 12th – 6:00pm – 7:00pm or 
2. Tuesday, September 13th – 8:00am – 9:00am 

If you cannot attend the parent sessions, there will be a community survey that will be distributed shortly after their visit. The goal of the survey will be to insure that we capture valuable feedback from as many members of the Tower community as wish to participate. 

Thank you in advance. Happy to have everyone back on campus. 


Leila Blodgett 
Chair, Head of School Search Committee

Update from Head of School Search Committee | August 2016

Dear Tower Community,

I would like to provide an update on the progress of the Head of School Search Committee. As I mentioned in our July communication, we narrowed our selection of the educational leadership consulting firms to the three that rose to the top. We met with each firm during the last week of July. I am pleased to report that we selected the search firm of Carney Sandoe & Associates.

Carney Sandoe is a well-known, highly respected search firm that was founded in 1977. They have an extensive network, both in and out of the independent school sector. Our team of consultants, Bob Fricker and Sherry Coleman, has consulted with more than 140 schools, including 100 head searches. Bob Fricker is a former fourth grade teacher and Head of a Pre-K–8 school, and has served for 25 years on the Board of the Center for Responsive Schools. Sherry Coleman is a former Middle School Head at the Wilmington Friends School. In 2013, Sherry received the prestigious National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Diversity Leadership Award for her leadership role in increasing the number of teachers and administrators of color in independent schools. Our search committee members were highly impressed with Bob and Sherry, and the Tower Community can feel confident that we are in good hands with this important search.

Tomorrow, Bob and Sherry will meet with Tower’s administrative team and several teachers to develop a deeper understanding of the school. They will return in September to meet with parents, teachers, student leaders, board members, and the full search committee to provide our community members with an opportunity to share thoughts on the present and future of Tower.

As soon as we have a date for Bob and Sherry’s next campus visit, we will let everyone know. As a reminder, our anticipated Head of School Search timetable is posted below. We look forward to sharing more information as the search progresses.


Leila Blodgett
Chair, Search Committee


Search committee selects consultant

Consultant begins recruiting potential candidates
Consultant meets with school leadership, trustees
Consultant presents initial draft of Search Document

Consultants’ extended campus visit

Search committee receives and researches profiles of candidates
Search committee researches and selects semifinalists

Semifinalists’ interviews
Finalists visit Tower

Search committee selects candidate to recommend to the Board
Board votes on Head of School appointment

Head of School Transition Leadership | August 2016

Dear Parents,

As we enter the new school year, we are excited about the potential of each student and the many ways that our faculty encourage and teach our children to reach that high bar.

The board has a significant role in this process as well. It is important for us to provide the resources, the support and the appropriate teaching and learning environment. As we proceed with the search for a new Head of School, it is important that we provide continuity of direction and of decision making that will move Tower forward in the present and carry it into the next season of leadership once the search is complete.  

We have the benefit of a seasoned and experienced administrative team at Tower School and the Board has asked Peter Twadell and Dean Sidell to take on a greater level of responsibility during the coming year in order to provide the continuity that is so important for the next two years as the school moves forward to serve our students and families. Their experience, expertise and cultural knowledge of our school is invaluable.

The Board has appointed Peter Twadell as the Associate Head of School for Programs and Academics and appointed Dean Sidell as the Associate Head of School for Finance and Operations. In these new roles Peter will oversee all things program related—including faculty, parents, students, curriculum etc. Dean will oversee all of the other areas of school—including development, marketing, enrollment, admissions, business and facilities.  

Andrew will work with them to make the transition a smooth one and to advise them.  This transitional arrangement will also provide Andrew time to explore his next opportunities while still serving as Head of School.

On a day to day basis, your experience as a parent will be much the same as it has always been. Conversations regarding a student always begins with the teacher and from there would go to Pete. In a similar fashion, conversations about operational areas of the school would go to Dean.

The Board will be working closely with this team during this process and we look forward to an exciting year of progress as we set the stage for the school’s future.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Additional updates on the search and start of the school will be sent out over the next few weeks.


Jim Byrne
Chair of the Board of Trustees

Head of School Search Committee News | July 2016

Dear Tower Community,

I am writing to share an update on the search process for Tower’s 9th Head of School. I’m pleased to announce that Leila Blodgett has accepted my invitation to chair the Head of School Search Committee. Leila’s personal commitment to Tower as a trustee and parent, combined with her professional and evaluative skills as a strategic thinker, consultant and team leader make her exceptionally well qualified for this position. 

Below is an overview of the process, including our anticipated timetable. 

The following criteria were recommended by consultants to create an effective, focused search committee. 
•  The committee should consist of 6-10 members; the majority of which should be current members of Tower’s Board of Trustees. 
•  Committee members should represent as many Tower constituencies as possible, including: parents, alumni, non-board member parent(s), faculty member(s) and/or school administrator(s). 
•  Committee members must be able to commit a significant amount of time to the search process. 

Guided by the above criteria, I am pleased to introduce our new Search Committee: 

Gillian Andrews   4th grade teacher, Co-Chair of 2016 AISNE accreditation renewal
Leila Blodgett   Trustee, Search Committee Chair, parent, parent of alumni
Kate Bracken, ’92   Parent, alumna
Jim Byrne   Trustee, Board Chair, parent
Becky McKernan   Trustee, parent, parent of alumnus
Brad Robie, ’88   Trustee, alumni, parent 
Dean Sidell   Business Manager, parent of alumni
Peter Weise   Trustee, parent, parent of alumnus
Dorothy Zur Muhlen   Trustee, parent 

Leila and I researched firms with expertise in leadership recruitment for independent schools, nationwide. Our focus is now narrowed to three firms with whom we are scheduled to meet next week. 

The search committee will articulate the essential qualifications for Tower’s next Head of School, including: skill set, personal character, experience, education, leadership style, philosophy. All of this will be included in the Head of School position statement that aligns with Tower’s core values and needs. 

The search committee will be responsible for much of the planning, research and discussion leading to the selection of Tower’s next Head of School, but we’re also committed to creating opportunities for important collaboration. We will invite all parents to participate, meet and evaluate the candidates in the fall. 

We anticipate the following schedule 

Search committee selects consultant
Consultant begins recruiting potential candidates  
Consultant meets with school leadership, trustees 
Consultant presents initial draft of Position Document which conveys the essence and excitement of this opportunity 

Consultants’ extended 1 – 2 day campus visit to gain a deeper understanding of Tower and the school’s needs as well as involve and educate the community in the search process 

Search committee receives and researches profiles of candidates 
Search committee researches and selects semifinalists 

Semifinalists’ interviews Finalists visit Tower 

Search committee selects candidate to recommend to the Board 
Board votes on Head of School appointment 

We look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the process.


Jim Byrne
Chair of the Board of Trustees


Tower School Head of School Search Committee 

Gillian Andrews   4th grade teacher, Co-Chair of 2016 AISNE accreditation renewal

Leila Blodgett   Trustee, Search Committee Chair, parent, parent of alumni

Kate Bracken, ’92 
  Parent, alumna

Jim Byrne
   Trustee, Board Chair, parent

Becky McKernan   
Trustee, parent, parent of alumnus

Brad Robie, ’88
   Trustee, alumni, parent 

Dean Sidell
   Associate Head of School for Finance and Operations, parent of alumni

Peter Weise
   Trustee, parent, parent of alumnus

Dorothy Zur Muhlen
   Trustee, parent 

  • 75 West Shore Drive
  • Marblehead, MA 01945
  • Phone: 781.631.5800
  • Fax: 781.631.2292

Tower students are articulate, self-motivated, confident learners who engage in their academic success, develop strong leadership skills, and create opportunities to contribute meaningfully in their communities and the world.




Tower’s teachers champion the value of excellence in elementary education. They’re accomplished at creating a delicate balance – in which a positive process for learning stands alongside a curriculum designed to challenge each and every student. The result? Tower’s students are engaged, confident learners, eager to reach for extraordinary academic success.




Experience the atmosphere and excitement of a busy school day at Tower. Tour our campus, visit classrooms and meet our teachers. Contact Reagan Kenwell, our Director of Admission, at




We challenge students to attain personal levels of achievement—on the field and off.

Through Tower’s Athletic Program, students experience the intrinsic benefits of physical activity; the correlation between hard work and personal improvement; and the value of good sportsmanship. Participation is expected of all students. Improved skills for each player are a priority.




Tower's innovative program and modern facility depend upon contributions from our community members.




Join us for an awesome Summer at Tower! Gain coding skills in our technology lab, create work in our art studios  that reflects your personal style, build and command your own robot, sharpen your filmmaking and editing skills, improve your basketball game, gain an appreciation for the outdoors, learn to swim...and make lasting friendships at Summer at Tower!




Welcome to My Tower.

We've included information most often referenced by Tower community members. Here, you’ll gain quick access to Veracross, download forms and permission slips, and discover ways to participate in our vibrant community through the TSPA.



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