Annual Fund

Tower relies on several sources of income, not just tuition, to cover the annual operating budget. Tower counts on your gift to the Annual Fund to maintain and enhance student programs. The money raised is used for the school’s current operating budget and helps cover the difference between total tuition revenue and what it costs to completely run the school. The Tower School Annual Fund makes up 6% of the school’s operating budget.

The entire Tower experience is strengthened by the Annual Fund — classroom activities and academics, physical education and athletics, field trips, art supplies, musical instruments, science and technology equipment, professional development seminars, and competitive compensation for our faculty. Each of these areas feels the positive impact of the very successful Tower School Annual Fund.

This important fundraising program runs each school year from July 1 to June 30. We ask that all pledges made during the school year are fulfilled by June 30 to count toward the school year in which the pledge was made.

Thank you.

Report on Annual Giving

Each fall, we report on Annual Giving data from the previous year. The report from 2016-2017 was published in October of 2017.

Report on Annual Giving

Read the Report on Annual Giving.

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