Head of School | Tower Digest

October 2017

I always enjoy turning the calendar page to the second month of school. Everyone feels invigorated in October! The habits and routines of the classroom are in place. The cooler weather suggests change and new ways of thinking about ourselves. The building, playgrounds, performance spaces, art studios and fields are full of fresh energy. 

I have been struck, in my first days at Tower, by how much of this energy is used for imagining. I saw it on the first day of school when students at Lower School recess ran across the athletic field to the tree line at the back of campus. In that space—created by children using sticks and branches to suggest two or three distinct "rooms" and covered by foliage overhead—imaginations are at work. I watched third and fourth graders create scenes and interact with each other in make-believe roles: teachers, front desk workers, cooks, caregivers. I couldn't follow the story the students were enacting, but that wasn't the point. The students were experimenting in essential ways that aid classroom and personal growth... 

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